‘LEAKED SEX TAPES’ is not a genre.

Our mission is to hold porn companies to account. Revenge Porn should not be a porn category, and consent should come before profit


The Porn Industry is Profiting from Revenge Porn.

Porn companies with offices in the UK are actively profiting from and marketing revenge porn. These videos could have been sent to a partner who later betrayed their trust, or accessed by phone hackers targeting iCloud accounts. This is happening to women across the UK and the globe, who are finding themselves on popular porn websites, having their videos downloaded, viewed and shared thousands of time

It’s time for damage prevention, not damage control.

Kate started #NotYourPorn when a Revenge Porn video was uploaded to Porn Hub of her friend, without her friend's consent. Since then Kate has discovered that women across the country are also suffering from non-consensual revenge porn being hosted on the site. Sophie is just one lady who contacted Kate for help.

We’re not giving in, and we’re not giving up.

UK citizens should not have to worry about porn websites uploading explicit content of them without their consent. This ends in 2019.

Women across the globe, just like you.


Meet Jenny*

She still doesn’t know who or how someone got a hold of her private photos and videos. They were leaked on a folder, and uploaded onto xHamster. That was five years ago, but the content keeps popping back up again and again.

“Finding out I’ve been a victim of revenge porn has happened to me so many times the initial emotions of hurt, fear, anxiety and panic have boiled down over time to just rage. At the start, I was convinced my life was over, contemplated suicide, fell into states of isolation to try and protect myself, and even went so far as to change my name. The idea that a two-second upload for one person can be years of torment for another is devastating.”


Meet Jasmine*

Her ex is using Pornhub to weaponise their custody battle.

“My ex for the past year has been forcing me to send sexual pictures and videos for money, or to get my children back from him. Two weeks ago he was trying to get more videos of me. He told me someone posted videos of me on Pornhub and if I sent him videos of me he would send me the Pornhub links so I could find out who did it. When I told him no, and said to send the links first. He took it upon himself to post my videos on Pornhub in hopes I wouldn't find out it was him. I had to contact the police and I have been publicly humiliated.”


Meet Lucy*

Lucy found multiple videos on Pornhub after someone contacted her to tell her they were there. Although she had it pulled from the site a few days later, the damage had already been done, downloaded hundreds of times and uploaded back to the website the very next day

“Someone Tweeted me and told me that they had seen a sex tape of me on Pornhub. Then another message came in, and then another. I watched it…the videos were from a long time ago and I thought they were gone. I still don’t know who uploaded them, but I will never forget that feeling finding out. I wanted to pull apart the internet bit by bit. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I just wanted it all to end. It was so violating, so public, and now because it was uploaded to Pornhub it’s on the internet forever. They didn’t have a right to upload that. The viewers didn’t have a right to comment on it either, but it was so normal for them. It’s totally ruined my life, and I’ll never be the same person because of it”

*Direct quotes from women across twitter or private conversations (who have given permission to share their stories) Names have been changed to protect victims with anonymity


Take action today.

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